When you have successfully completed a yoga teacher training program or received your yoga teacher certificate, you will need to start searching for yoga teacher jobs that fit within your skill set and specialization. Finding a yoga instructor job in your local area may not be easy, especially if you live in a small town or mid-sized city that only have a few yoga and fitness studios. Unless you plan to open a studio on your own or offer classes independently, you will need to do some research to find a suitable yoga instructor job.

Training for Yoga Instructor Jobs

Most studios and fitness centers that offer yoga instructor jobs require applicants to hold some type of certification or degree, or have relevant work experience. Some yoga studios may offer their own training programs and continuing education classes specifically for certified yoga instructors and yoga professionals on site. Fitness centers and yoga studios that offer specialized courses or only offer a particular style of yoga will be looking for yoga instructors with extensive experience and knowledge in that specialty.

If you want to work for a yoga studio or fitness center that offers only a single type of yoga or technique such as Bikram, you may need to take additional courses or complete a specialized training program at an area school. Certain method sand techniques are only taught by yogis in certain parts of the country, and you may need to go on a yogic retreat or complete a comprehensive training class out of state before you apply.

Sample Yoga Teacher Job Description

Most instructors applying for yoga instructor jobs and teaching positions are responsible for the following:

  • Guiding students through different yoga poses
  • Consulting with students about their health and lifestyle choices
  • Educating students about the yogic lifestyle
  • Leading yoga routines and training students how to perfect their breathing technique
  • Developing course formats and managing a weekly schedule

Where to Find Yoga Teacher Jobs

You can start searching for yoga teacher jobs online, in the classifieds section of your local newspaper, or even look at postings on local community bulletin boards. Some yoga studios and fitness centers advertise yoga instructor jobs in local magazines and bulletins, while others will post information about available opportunities directly on their website.

Other places and ways to find yoga teacher jobs include:

  • Online classifieds, such as Craigslist
  • Contacting local yoga instructors to see if they are looking for a partner yoga teacher
  • Community or recreational centers in your area
  • Using websites such as YogaFinder.com. These are specialized sites that only list current yoga teacher jobs and related positions
  • Health and wellness centers in the area
  • Wellness spas or resorts that offer yoga classes

Keep in mind that some companies and businesses, including hotels and resorts, may offer a yoga teacher job or position on a part-time or on-call basis. In these situations, you may be scheduled to work a certain number of shifts or be called in to teach a class when enough people sign up. This arrangement may not provide steady work for you, but may help you earn a part-time income or be a substitute for work when you are between jobs.